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Flowsev is an innovative AI-powered programming tool designed to expedite the coding process within an IDE. Unlike traditional programming tools that depend solely on manual coding, Flowsev leverages advanced machine-learning algorithms to generate code snippets or even complete sections of code based on user input or requirements. Flowsev operates as a plugin specially designed for the JetBrains family. Upon installation, it becomes an integral part of the IDE interface, allowing developers to access its features and functionalities directly within their coding environment.

OUR Work

Adapting to artificial intelligence posed a significant challenge for our team. We had to delve into researching various ways to integrate these new technologies. This involved revisiting initial approaches and implementing several mechanisms to safeguard the solution from potential mistakes or erroneous assumptions. Our core's implementation was a challenging milestone, yet now, the project has a firm foundation that allows us to make iterations and enhancements.

The Concept

The Flowsev product has been designed to facilitate the development flow's creation, and incorporating an artificial intelligence solution aims to become an exceptional tool for developers. A plug-in currently being developed is an addition to the IDE (Integrated Development Environment) that will enable code generation based on initial instructions, which is a leap towards further automation in development practices. To ensure the code's quality, AI helps to consistently uphold numerous best practices. This streamlined code generation process significantly accelerates output, minimising human intervention to provide feedback to the system only.

Workers Involved

DEVELOPERSAdrian, Lazaro, Alejandro


DEVELOPMENTKotlin, Jetpack Compose, IntelliJ SDK, Ktor, Kafka, PostgreSQL
DESIGNFigma, Spline