TAS: The Ape Society

  • 2023

The Ape Society is a leading generative NFT project on the Cardano blockchain. This prestigious collection boasts 7,000 meticulously crafted NFTs, each imbued with unique characteristics and representing membership within one of 35 esteemed families. Each family possesses its own rich lore and emblazoned shield, forging a sense of belonging and shared history amongst holders.

OUR Work

The website was built using Webflow CMS, providing an intuitive content management system and seamless site administration. Webflow’s drag-and-drop functionalities streamline site updates while providing modern web design capabilities. To bring the brand to life, custom 3D motion graphics and animations were designed and integrated into the website to create an immersive, interactive experience for visitors. The animations communicated the company’s core values and unique value proposition.

The Concept

The Ape Society aims to leverage NFT technology and the associated community to drive real-world impact. Their vision is to create an ecosystem where digital art transforms into tangible conservation efforts. They are exploring innovative web3 models like play-to-earn gaming and metaverse spaces to dynamically engage their community. The decentralised, creator-driven economy unlocked by NFTs allows The Ape Society to reinvent how digital communities influence positive change. At the core is a commitment to shifting from abstract apes to concrete actions that advance their conservation mission.

Workers Involved



DESIGNFigma, Blender, Adobe After Effect