MakerDAO MIPs Portal

  • 2021

The website was created with a view to a place where all ideas to improve the functioning of MakerDAO would be collected and then decided. Each person belonging to the community has the opportunity to express their opinions and be sure that the process is extremely detailed to avoid misunderstandings.

OUR Client Says

"They consistently go beyond the call of duty. Whenever I've faltered (i.e., run out of ideas, dropped the ball on stuff), the DSpot Team were right behind me to catch me and then prop me to new heights. I'm very grateful to be working with them and hope to continue doing so for a long time."

MakerDAO GovAlpha Core Unit

OUR Work

There were implemented the following functionalities i.e.: smart-linking, previews on hovering over, filtering, and advanced queries. Also, additional functionalities should enhance the user experience like the dark mode, markdown viewer, internationalization and news section.

The Concept

MIPs (i.e. Maker Improvement Proposals) were created to improve governance within the Maker community. In order to get familiar with already accepted MIPs, one should check the MIPs Portal.

Workers Involved

Project manager:Klaudia Sicińska
DESIGNERS:Wendy Franco
DEVELOPERS:Aliuska Domínguez, Anibal Sanchez, Humberto Martínez, Reynier Rivero, Roxana Soca


DEVELOPMENTAngular, NodeJS/NestJS, MongoDB