• Branding
  • 2020

RRG (Risk Resource Group) is a new breed of security practitioner with experience across the globe in a brand scope of security environments, from war zones to corporate boardrooms.

OUR Work

Our task was to create a visual identity for RRG that captures security, economic growth, global experience, and technological advancements. As a security company, the identity needed to embody trust, efficiency, and approachability for its customers. The choice of blue as the primary brand color was carefully selected to evoke a sense of responsibility and loyalty, which lies at the heart of their mission. We created a brand illustration style and introduced a customized illustration style, carefully fashioned to mirror RRG's dynamic presence in the field, ensuring a visual language that harmoniously aligns with the essence of their operations. Combining the fusion of geometric elements and a balanced composition- resulting in a logo that not only represents their core values but also embodies a commitment to excellence. Every element, meticulously chosen and thoughtfully placed, reinforces this dedication to high standards.

The Concept

In crafting RRG's brand identity, the objective was to encapsulate its core values - from the logo concept and colour palette to the comprehensive brand illustration style. Each concept was carefully designed resulting in a cohesive visual narrative that authentically represents RRG's ethos.

Workers Involved

DESIGNERSDavid Pau, Junior Fonseca


DESIGNFigma, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop